PRO software – released!


PRO software – released!

Pro software by Arxsim is finally released for Rexing steering wheels!
ArxSim PRO software presents redefinition of Sim racing experience. It enables complete customization of gaming hardware where you are only limited by your imagination. Every aspect of LCD can be customized.
Software is based on „What you see is what you get“ visual designer concept, where you customize your LCD by drag ’n dropping controls or variables on display. Also, you have option to define your own custom variables and triggers so that you can completely adjust behavior of display and make it completely dynamic.

Software also includes virtual Dash. You don’t even have to own any of the Rexing product to test the software. Fire up the Dash and start playing with Arxim editor. Run your favorite game and see how software works. Dash is offered as 15 days FREE trial to everyone.

Full licence Pro software can be purchased for 120€ (VAT not included). For questions regarding Pro software and upgrading your current wheel, please contact info@axsim.com. For general info regarding Rexing wheels contact sales@rexing.eu

Arxim Pro software with included 15 days free trial for Dash
Short introduction and description of the software: ArxSim PRO software