New shift and clutch paddles mechanism


New shift and clutch paddles mechanism

We have introduced new shift and clutch mechanism at the back of the wheel. Compared to our previous system, there are several benefits:
shifting mechanism much smoother and more accurate
shifting sound is very quiet
10 mm adjustability for shifter paddles
shifter paddles moved down to the center of the wheel, to their more natural position
slightly improved sensitivity of the hall effect clutch paddles
There is also integrated “universal adapter”. This enables the end user to mount his own formula style quick release, without the need to open the wheel. Bolts can be placed from below (for QR units from Lifeline, Sparco, Momo and similar), or from above (Q1R and similar). Also, adapter plates can be used in combination, so you can attach Accuforce quick release, thrustmaster adapter, various other wheel adapters etc.

This now comes with all our wheels. Make sure to grab your wheel before our special offer runs out!

More to come, stay tuned!