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We are happy to present you our latest revision to our formula wheels.

What is new:

  • new shifter mechanism, taken form our GT wheel
  • reworked clutch paddles mechanism, now with integrated sensor and magnet, with ultra compact packaging
  • alcantara grips now offer much more volume and comfort, with excellent soft touch feel
  • printed knitter pushbutton caps (note, caps can rotate, they are not fixed)
  • optional third pair of paddles (works with PRO software only)
  • hub for easy integration of any formula type quick release (50.8 mm PCD), adapter plates available for Q1R and other types of bosses
Pro software by Arxsim is finally released for Rexing steering wheels!

ArxSim PRO software presents redefinition of Sim racing experience. It enables complete customization of gaming hardware where you are only limited by your imagination. Every aspect of LCD can be customized.
Software is based on „What you see is what you get“ visual designer concept, where you customize your LCD by drag ’n dropping controls or variables on display. Also, you have option to define your own custom variables and triggers so that you can completely adjust behavior of display and make it completely dynamic.

Software also includes virtual Dash. You don’t even have to own any of the Rexing product to test the software. Fire up the Dash and start playing with Arxim editor. Run your favorite game and see how software works. Dash is offered as 15 days FREE trial to everyone.

Full licence Pro software can be purchased for 120€ (VAT not included). For questions regarding Pro software and upgrading your current wheel, please contact For general info regarding Rexing wheels contact


Arxsim Pro software with included 15 days free trial for Dash

Short introduction and description of the software: ArxSim PRO software


We are proud to present

Carbon Fiber GT Steering Wheel for modding!

Now with included paddle shifters!


EU shipping 15€, worldwide shipping 35€-65€ with DPD, contact us to get accurate rates. There is no additional discount on quantity. 

This wheel is sold as a mod wheel, without any electronics or other components. Customer can make their own layout for electronics, buttons, switches, quick release, shifters, etc., and we will do the cutouts. Drawings of the wheel are available at the bottom of the page.

Whether you are a cockpit builder, FFB base builder, fellow steering wheel builder or just a sim racing enthusiast, this wheel will make you and your product stand out!

New! Our GT wheel now comes with included paddle shifters (Q1R  quick relase and conector just for reference, not included with the prduct):






Our new magnetic shifters provide excelent tactile feedback shifting operation. You will never miss a shift, with very accurate and positive shift click. Still, they are not too hard and won’t tire you on the long run.

Shifter body is CNC machined from 7075 aluminium alloy, upper part is CNC machined from hard industrial plastic and paddles are cut from 3 mm carbon fiber sheet. Paddles have 10 mm adjustability.  Switch included in the assembly is high quality Omron brand microswitch with rated life cycle of several million operations.

Shifters are also designed to hide the wires. Combined with our GT wheel, you will never find as neat assembly as Rexing GT wheel.

Note. If you order the wheel to have holes for shifters made based on your specifications, for other type of shifters, we will not provide our shifters!

Carbon fiber GT steering wheel with included magnetic shifters – does anything more need to be said?



  • Designed to accommodate any type of electronics or display
  • Including shifters!
  • Entirely hollow inside which offers freedom for integrating components, compared to conventional steering wheels (usually used for modding) where the middle of the rim is occupied
  • Round area at the back allows even the biggest quick release units to be mounted
  • Extended back flat areas left and right for shifters positioning
  • Extended back flat area to the bottom for connector positioning, if connector is used together with large quick release units, for example, Accuforce quick release
  • All critical areas bulked with additional fiber layers, especially quick release mounting area
  • CNC machining of the cutouts included in the price, regardless of the shape and quantity



  • 320 mm / 12.6” diameter
  • 600 grams / 21.1 oz weight (GT rim only, without shifters)
  • Alcantara rim
  • Grip section oval 22.5 x 36 mm + alcantara
  • Inside space cca 28 mm from flat front to flat bottom, slightly reducing towards the edges



We now offer a new option on formula wheel. It was developed as visual detail for our Formula wheel but it gave us a lot more space inside the wheel. So, steering wheels equipped with aluminium LCD cover can mount CTS high quality encoders for thumb encoders.

We use CTS encoders on the front, and generic encoders on side. Generic encoders are much smaller and are easy to integrate, but they offer weaker rotating resistance than CTS.

This option is charged 100€ plus VAT

We have introduced new shift and clutch mechanism at the back of the wheel. Compared to our previous system, there are several benefits:

  • shifting mechanism much smoother and more accurate
  • shifting sound is very quiet
  • 10 mm adjustability for shifter paddles
  • shifter paddles moved down to the center of the wheel, to their more natural position
  • slightly improved sensitivity of the hall effect clutch paddles

There is also integrated “universal adapter”. This enables the end user to mount his own formula style quick release, without the need to open the wheel. Bolts can be placed from below (for QR units from Lifeline, Sparco, Momo and similar), or from above (Q1R and similar). Also, adapter plates can be used in combination, so you can attach Accuforce quick release, thrustmaster adapter, various other wheel adapters etc.

This now comes with all our wheels. Make sure to grab your wheel before our special offer runs out!

More to come, stay tuned!

We are proud to announce our partnership with The Race Room!

The Race Room web pages

The Race Room will be our exclusive North American distributor. USA and Canada customers can now contact them directly to get our products.


Development of the PRO software version is in final stages. The software is intended to offer you maximum freedom in customizing your wheel. It’s based on „What you see is what you get“ visual designer concept, so you customize your wheel by drag n dropping controls/variables on display.  Also you have option to define your own custom variables and triggers so your imagination is the only limit.
We decided to remove micro USB connector, and replace it with more durable solution. Our testing showed micro usb cables to be problematic and not durable enough. New, circular connector is now implemented. Wheels are shipped with matching spiral cables.

Back connector 1